Episode 4 – Con Men

Cast: Joel, Eli, & Josh

Topics: Cons
Rating: Explicit, NSFW, Not for kids

Hijinks Ensue PodcastShow Notes:

[01:55] Predator The Musical/ Twister the Musical/ Eli is hung over/ The BFRickRoll (link)/ Rick Roll Pie Chart (link)/ Rick Rolling the Church of Scientology (link)/ Mario Paint Rick Roll (link)
[09:20] Mario Paint Hotel Shenanigans/ Predator Adolescence/ Josh’s Vader Dome
[13:31] Texas Frightmare Weekend (link)/ Zombie Walk (linkvideo)/ Rusty/ Con Flyers/ Joel was a Scare Technician
[20:17] Malcolm McDowell Q & A
[24:40] Fear Fest/ Black Devil Doll (link)/ Horror Porn (link)
[30:15] Pissing with Boba Fett/ Mavs game with Storm Troopers/ Klingons hate Star Wars (link)/ My dad’s a Jedi
[40:35] A-Kon (link to 2007 pics)/ Tail Malfunction/ Downtrodden Gandalf/ Green Mountain Energy Douchebag (link)/ The End (of HD-DVD)


Episode 3 – One Way Ticket Straight To Hell

Cast: Joel, Eli, & Josh

Topics: Worst Jobs ever
Rating: Explicit, NSFW, Not for kids

Hijinks Ensue Podcast Show Notes:

[01:17] Jen Loves Vaginas/ Josh’s Birthday @ Luby’s
[06:40] The Intros/ The Lost Podcast/ Keith Pizza
[11:34] Spelling Bee Uncomfortableness (http://youtube.com/watch?v=bGdCeMayUjk)
[14:38] Novelty Cake Toppers are legal in Texas (http://fleshbot.com/356312/texas-sex-toy-ban-overturned)/ Dildo Baggins/ For Tobacco use only/ The Sodomy Parade
[20:50] What’s behind the curtain?/ The Pride of Ft. Worth: Hoogie Boogie Land (http://youtube.com/watch?v=ukjnrXTTvPY)/ Just-a drinkin’ and a-drivin’
[29:00] Joel’s had 100 jobs/ Eli loses $10K/ Show us your BWZZ/ Stabbing the Tea Bags
[43:00] Front Row Joe/ Service Merchandise/ Service Plus with a smile
[57:20] With apologies to the mentally challenged (seriously, this went too far and we are sorry)/ I slipped in butter/ Projection booth nightmares/ The Mad Shitter Strikes/
[01:10] Magmar: A wrangler of sorts/ In Space, No One can hear you Shit
[1:19:00] Raped by a Priest/ More Bathroom incidents/ Male Sack
[1:23:00] Actual geek stuff/ Indiana Jones Trailer/ Sarah Connor/ Penicillin and Paris Hilton/ Black Devil Doll (http://blackdevildoll.com/) @ Fearfest


Episode 2 – Country Fried Love 2: Porkchop Boogaloo

Cast: Joel, Eli, Josh, Allison & Denise

Topics: 80’s Movies, Transformers, Brave Toasters
Rating: Explicit, NSFW, Not for kids

Hijinks Ensue PodcastShow Notes:

[00:59] Eli wants to harass people at Horror Con
[02:50] The Country Fried Live
[03:50] Josh gets naked for bread
[04:49] Waitress takes our orders (skip this)
[06:00] Mutants of the Deep
[06:55] Childhood trauma and “The Meaning of Life”
[07:39] The MonChiChis
[08:54] The monkey from “Project X
[10:26] “Flight of the Navigator” in HD
[12:58] “Space Camp
[14:00] “The Last StarFighter“/Clone High/
Dementia Waitress/ Delta Burke/ Video Game Crimes
[20:40] Josh has hand problems/ BACON!
[23:26] An Exercise in Narcissism
[25:00] Forbidden Robot Love/ Dinobots
[30:30] Transformers Gang Bang
[31:04] The New $20 Bill
[31:35] “The Brave Little Toaster
[34:14] “The Last Unicorn
[35:17] Back to the Brave Toaster!
[38:00] America: The Land of Electric Blankets and Freedom
[39:50] Dishwasher Cosplay


Episode 1 – Winter Extreme Sports Special Olympics going down in flames

Cast: Joel, Eli & Josh

Topics: Lost, Rambo, Cloverfield, American Gladiators, Rambo, Ents, Rambo and Rambo

Rating: Explicit, NSFW, Not for kids

Show Notes:

[01:38] The Final Countdown (link)
[03:00] Lost Season 4 premier underwhelms
[06:00] Rambo IV makes grown men giggle
[13:00] Drucilla meets Rambo
[14:00] Candy Mountain (link)
[16:30] 1st Caller: Sweet Child O’Mine (link: ???)
[17:36] Mail Sack: Kip has a Lost question
[20:00] Eli has a $500 cat
[23:08] I Can Has Cheezeburger in a Can (link)
[24:25] Michael Bay is remaking Nightmare on Elm Street (link)
[26:40] Tom Cruise needs Rocket Fuel (link)
[27:10] Eli is a Mexican like Guiermo Del Toro
[29:28] “Canadians” (link)
[30:18] J.J. Trek viral marketing (link)
[31:00] Pimp my space ship
[32:30] Full Circle: Back to Rambo
[36:18] Navy Rail Gun (link)
[37:00] “If a tree took a dump in the woods…”
[38:42] Fratboy Tree/ Jack in the Box
[41:00] Question from a caller: Cloverfield
[41:56] Cloverfield hangs out with the Trees
Cloverfield: A word of warning
[43:38] Question from a caller: Dicks with dicks
[45:57] 1st live call: Mikey, “Who’s your favorite Gladiator?”
[49:42] Cloverfield shows up
[51:30] Outro?
[54:00] Actual Outro: “Next time, on a very special Hijinks Ensue”

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