Episode 1 – Winter Extreme Sports Special Olympics going down in flames

Cast: Joel, Eli & Josh

Topics: Lost, Rambo, Cloverfield, American Gladiators, Rambo, Ents, Rambo and Rambo

Rating: Explicit, NSFW, Not for kids

Show Notes:

[01:38] The Final Countdown (link)
[03:00] Lost Season 4 premier underwhelms
[06:00] Rambo IV makes grown men giggle
[13:00] Drucilla meets Rambo
[14:00] Candy Mountain (link)
[16:30] 1st Caller: Sweet Child O’Mine (link: ???)
[17:36] Mail Sack: Kip has a Lost question
[20:00] Eli has a $500 cat
[23:08] I Can Has Cheezeburger in a Can (link)
[24:25] Michael Bay is remaking Nightmare on Elm Street (link)
[26:40] Tom Cruise needs Rocket Fuel (link)
[27:10] Eli is a Mexican like Guiermo Del Toro
[29:28] “Canadians” (link)
[30:18] J.J. Trek viral marketing (link)
[31:00] Pimp my space ship
[32:30] Full Circle: Back to Rambo
[36:18] Navy Rail Gun (link)
[37:00] “If a tree took a dump in the woods…”
[38:42] Fratboy Tree/ Jack in the Box
[41:00] Question from a caller: Cloverfield
[41:56] Cloverfield hangs out with the Trees
Cloverfield: A word of warning
[43:38] Question from a caller: Dicks with dicks
[45:57] 1st live call: Mikey, “Who’s your favorite Gladiator?”
[49:42] Cloverfield shows up
[51:30] Outro?
[54:00] Actual Outro: “Next time, on a very special Hijinks Ensue”

UPDATE: Feeds are here!

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