Episode 4 – Con Men

Cast: Joel, Eli, & Josh

Topics: Cons
Rating: Explicit, NSFW, Not for kids

Hijinks Ensue PodcastShow Notes:

[01:55] Predator The Musical/ Twister the Musical/ Eli is hung over/ The BFRickRoll (link)/ Rick Roll Pie Chart (link)/ Rick Rolling the Church of Scientology (link)/ Mario Paint Rick Roll (link)
[09:20] Mario Paint Hotel Shenanigans/ Predator Adolescence/ Josh’s Vader Dome
[13:31] Texas Frightmare Weekend (link)/ Zombie Walk (linkvideo)/ Rusty/ Con Flyers/ Joel was a Scare Technician
[20:17] Malcolm McDowell Q & A
[24:40] Fear Fest/ Black Devil Doll (link)/ Horror Porn (link)
[30:15] Pissing with Boba Fett/ Mavs game with Storm Troopers/ Klingons hate Star Wars (link)/ My dad’s a Jedi
[40:35] A-Kon (link to 2007 pics)/ Tail Malfunction/ Downtrodden Gandalf/ Green Mountain Energy Douchebag (link)/ The End (of HD-DVD)


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