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Episode 80 – Medium Seabiscuit

Show Notes:

Our New Sponsor: Tres Feo, Update on the whereabouts of Josh and Eli [one of them is dead], space shuttle Discovery launch, the great soccer sticker conspiracy, SNL Backstage, Robocop statue vs. Freddie Mercury statue, shitty movie suggestion: Eliminators (1986), Contact, lots of Arnold Schwarzenegger quotes in general conversation, Predator The Musical, talking space shuttles with my daughter, PBS loses federal funding, Tenacious D. & Flight Of The Concords, fake drama in Pawn Stars, Eli’s Pawn Stars challenge, teaching Roger about Twitter, Nathan Fillion buying Firefly, influential Albums, The Seabiscuit/Sexbiscuit donation challenge, Emerald City Comic-Con and C2E2.

Cast: Joel Watson, Alex Flores and Roger Kort

Rating: Explicit, NSFW, Not for kids

The Twit Sack: You posted questions to #HEPODCAST on Twitter and we answered [some of] them.

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