Episode 92 – He’s Dredd, Jim.

Joel, Eli and Alex talk about: Leverage in syndication, Cable TV Cord Cutting, iPads iPads everywhere and not a drop to ink, TRON is cheating, Movie Magic is dead, The Dark Knight is in the future, WE are in the past, Secret Limey Spider-man, Allamo Drafthouse 90’s Sing-A-Long, the sad true fate of Smash Mouth, […]

Episode 87 – ZombieWhatever.com

Alex is back! Also Eli! Things are talked about in the following order! Joel’s home theater woes, white van speaker bros, Jeremy Renner’s Ghost Protocol isn’t fooling anyone, age is a cruel mistress, Secretary spankings, Avatar makes the best jerk chicken, Thanks, Obama!, Zombie Gun Show, Doomsday Preppers, Hurricano, American Pickers EXPOSED AS FRAUDS!, Storage […]

Episode 81 – Dick Island

Show Notes: Travel Adventures! Josh’s gay cruise to Dick Island, Alex’s magical trip to Hogwarts and Joel’s Frakes-tastic Emerald City Comicon experience! Cast: Joel Watson, Alex Flores and Josh Jeffcoat Rating: Explicit, NSFW, Not for kids The Fancy Bastard Hotline! (203) 6-FANCY-B We listen to your calls for some reason! SUBSCRIBE via iTunes or RSS […]

Medium Seabiscuit - HijiNKS ENSUE Podcast

Episode 80 – Medium Seabiscuit

Show Notes: Our New Sponsor: Tres Feo, Update on the whereabouts of Josh and Eli [one of them is dead], space shuttle Discovery launch, the great soccer sticker conspiracy, SNL Backstage, Robocop statue vs. Freddie Mercury statue, shitty movie suggestion: Eliminators (1986), Contact, lots of Arnold Schwarzenegger quotes in general conversation, Predator The Musical, talking […]

Episode 79 – Mayor Phoenix Mayor

Show Notes: It’s Josh’s birthday (but where is he?), Dallas’s mayor drives cabs and fights crime, update on Roger’s rape-van, The Justin Bie-bot, Tom Brislin’s new video-song, we leave Josh a B-Day voicemail, Roger hacks his car which pleases Hitler, Top Gear (US vs. British), Wizard Magazine/ The Wizard/ Wizard World/ Al Gore is an […]

Episode 78 – Get In The Van

Show Notes: What happened to Josh and Eli?, Roger has a van and a plan, Roger’s domestic adventures, power tools are terrifying murder machines, new Black Dynamite hits!, Kevin Smith (Red State, circumventing Hollywood, Too Fat To Fly, etc), X-Mas kids music on Pandora, Stop vegetable abuse, Patton Oswalt in Big Fan, SyFy’s Face Off, […]

There is no easy way out... of your arms

Episode 77 – There Is No Easy Way Out

Show Notes: [Recorded 01/12/2010] Black Dynamite, TRON Legacy is biodigital jazz, Old Chub Scottish Ale, Rocky Balboa, M&M tubes + sleeping kitties = Floaty Inception cats, Transformers 80’s Movie, Rape in a moonbounce (Revenge of The Nerds), offensive humour, 80’s cartoons don’t hold up, clay-mation, voice modulation, secret sauce, Summer Glau’s TV kiss of death and more! Cast: Joel Watson & Eli Luna with guest host […]

Episode 75 – Avatar Hates Mondays

Show Notes: [Recorded 12/31/2010] Our end of the year Podcastravaganza! We talk about TRON: Legacy, The best TV of 2010, Reality shows: Pawn Stars & American Pickers, Joel starts watching Doctor Who, all the movies we DIDN’T see in 2010 and LOTS MORE! Cast: Joel & Eli with guest host Alex Flores and special guest […]

Episode 61 – Geisha Is Robot Podcast

Cast: Joel, Eli & Alex Rating: Explicit, NSFW, Not for kids Show Notes: Intro: Shitty Movie Night featuring “The Room” and “Mega Shark v. Giant Octopus” Virtuality, Final Five Cylons comic, This Week In Internet: iPod v. Walkman, Cheap Trick on 8-Track, Robo Geisha, Jesco White: Dancing Outlaw, Naked Terminator Man, View Master The Movie, […]

Episode 58 – Secondhand Bat’Leth

Cast: Joel, Eli & Alex Rating: Explicit, NSFW, Not for kids Show Notes: All Mail Sack Episode! We answer your questions! Garage Sale Bat’Leth, Tornadoes in Dallas, Best Regional Fast Food, Tales of Injury, Bill Cosby’s in town, and it’s the Olympics for some reason, Parenting/Geek Origins, Good Shows/Movies that seemed bad at first and […]

Episode 55 – Live From The Cave

Cast: Joel, Eli, Alex & Denise Rating: Explicit, NSFW, Not for kids Show Notes: Internet: RunPee: when you should leave the movie and have a wee? Fish found in boy’s penis The Voice of Mickey Mouse Passes Away Main Show Topic: The 08-09 TV Season What shows were canceled/renewed, The Lost Season 5 Finale, Dollhouse, […]

Episode 52 – Midnight Taco Train

Cast: Joel, Eli, & Alex Rating: Explicit, NSFW, Not for kids Show Notes: Internet/ General Geekery Millions of ’90s Geeks Get Nostalgic over GeoCities Nintendo’s Game Boy turns 20 Oprah effect: 43% jump in Twitter traffic A Living Example of a Hobbit Found in Qatar? TV: Parks and Recreation, Sit Down Shut Up?, Caprica DVD […]

Episode #50 – Fitty

[image courtesy of a commission I did for DallasObserver.com] Cast: Joel, Eli, Alex & Denise Rating: Explicit, NSFW, Not for kids Show Notes: General Geekery: LOST (i think we talked about LOST?), Eli’s Keynote Speech at the GEC, Topatoco HE Shirts, Surprise party with pork and cake!, Battlefield Earth Rifftrax, My Name is Bruce, I […]

Episode 47 – Doin’ It Is The Best

Cast: Joel, Eli & Alex Rating: Explicit, NSFW, Not for kids Show Notes: Internet: Spinal Tap, Cat-Bongs, Light Gun hostage taker, HE Google search terms TV: BSG, Lost, Jimmy Fallon, aborted BSG reboot Movies: Alex’s Watchmen review, Terminator Salvation The Mail Sack: We answer your questions http://media.blubrry.com/hijinksensue/p/podcast.hijinksensue.com/podcasts/47-Hijinks-Ensue-Podcast.mp3Podcast: Play in new window | Download (Duration: 2:28:47 […]