Medium Seabiscuit - HijiNKS ENSUE Podcast

Episode 80 – Medium Seabiscuit

Show Notes: Our New Sponsor: Tres Feo, Update on the whereabouts of Josh and Eli [one of them is dead], space shuttle Discovery launch, the great soccer sticker conspiracy, SNL Backstage, Robocop statue vs. Freddie Mercury statue, shitty movie suggestion: Eliminators (1986), Contact, lots of Arnold Schwarzenegger quotes in general conversation, Predator The Musical, talking […]

Episode 79 – Mayor Phoenix Mayor

Show Notes: It’s Josh’s birthday (but where is he?), Dallas’s mayor drives cabs and fights crime, update on Roger’s rape-van, The Justin Bie-bot, Tom Brislin’s new video-song, we leave Josh a B-Day voicemail, Roger hacks his car which pleases Hitler, Top Gear (US vs. British), Wizard Magazine/ The Wizard/ Wizard World/ Al Gore is an […]

Episode 78 – Get In The Van

Show Notes: What happened to Josh and Eli?, Roger has a van and a plan, Roger’s domestic adventures, power tools are terrifying murder machines, new Black Dynamite hits!, Kevin Smith (Red State, circumventing Hollywood, Too Fat To Fly, etc), X-Mas kids music on Pandora, Stop vegetable abuse, Patton Oswalt in Big Fan, SyFy’s Face Off, […]

Episode 17 -The Fancy Bastards’ Birthday Ball

Cast: Joel, Eli, Josh & Denise Bonus Cast: Justin (FarrisG), Allison, Cynthia, Roger, and Emily Rating: Explicit, NSFW, Not for kids. Jokes about Racism and other sensitive topics. Not for the easily offended. Topics and Links HijiNKS Ensue Podcast Vidcast Simulcast Castcast (Josh accidentally didn’t save the video, so it isn’t archived on Ustream.) Read […]