Episode 6 – Cooter by Jessica Simpson

Cast: Joel, Eli, & Josh

Topics: Internet Memes, All-Con, Black Devil Doll
Rating: Explicit, NSFW, Not for kids

[4:40] You just got rolled/ Goatse Virgin/ Massive Goatse Roll/ Will Arnett on Human Giant/
[12:55] Cooter by Jessica Simpson/ Eli the Paparazzo/ Frodo the Paparazzo
[21:50] All-Con = Colossal Win/ SCA/ Eli’s All-Con Pics (Flickr link)/ Chief is an angry drunk/ Super Cool Portal Cosplay (Digg Link) (Her Cosplay Site link)/ Rifftrax (link)/ Star Wars Cantina Burlesque Show by the Lollie Bombs (video links)
[40:00 to 01:00:00] Black Devil Doll (link) Interview (interview pics)
[01:02:00] Evil Bong and Vampire Shatner/ Sean Penn’s Black Puppet Movie/ Sean Connery is a Spaniard/ Mortal Kombat!
[01:09:17] Previously On Lost Music (link)/ 10,000 BS/ theater ball buster/
[01:16:00] Josh is Gaytos (link) (Google link)/ Gay for Pay/ Prostate Exam/ NPR Outro


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