Hhhwhipped Lighting

Episode 73 – Hhhwhipped Lightning

Show Notes:

[Recorded 11/30/10]

Eli tries again to kill josh, this time with Whipped Lightning “Whipahol”, Leslie Nielson died so we talk about O.J. Simpson, racist Hobbits, Joker cameo in Batman 3, Spider-Man musical woes, The Nasa Mystery Announcement, dark comedies: Extract & Observe and Report, Punkin Chunkin, Joel finally sees X-Men Origins: Wolverine, Grizzly Rage, Taiwanese news animation of ninja sword murder, The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo is VERY rapey and MORE!

Cast: Joel, Eli & Josh

Rating: Explicit, NSFW, Not for kids

The Twit Sack: You posted questions to #HEPODCAST on Twitter and we answered [some of] them.

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Our theme song is “The Future” by Tom Brislin and Spiraling off of “Time Travel Made Easy.”

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