Episode 57 – The Best Of Episodes 1-7

Cast: Joel, Eli, Josh, Denise and more
Rating: Explicit, NSFW, Not for kids

Show Notes:

Compiled by FB Ytoabn, this “best” of contains these highlights from Episodes 1-7:

Ep1: If a tree takes a dump in the woods, Tree Beard as a Frat Boy in a drive thru lane, Cloverfield
Ep2: Gay Transformers / Transformer Pregnant
Ep3: Eli lost $10,000, Joel’s work at Sweet Leaf Tea, Retards Part 1, The Mad Shitter, Retards Part 2
Ep4: Predator & Twister the Musical, Teenage Predator
Ep5: Foot Projector Porn
Ep6: Cooter by Jessica Simpson, Welcome to the Internet Fucker, Nerd Burlesque Show
Ep7: Josh’s Origin Story

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