Episode 91 – Baltimore Bart’s Bed & Breakfast

It’s Joel! It’s Rob! It’s Dave! It’s those same guys following up where THIS EPISODE left off! The same three guys are talking about San Diego Comicon, as well as OTHER THINGS!

SPOILERS: The last 10 minutes of this particular episode are perhaps my favorite in all HE Podcast history.

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Episode 90 – BONE TOKENS!

It’s Joel, Dave and Rob talking about the things boys talk about. The terrible, horrifying things…

Tripple A’s and those attracted to batteries, Coin-ventures and Grandma’s bones!, The Ballad of Pearl (My Lovely Lumpy Grandma), Southwest accepts alternative payment, Broken Spirit Airlines, Stephen King Airlines, Rob skips SDCC for Connecticon, Hartford is terrifying, My dinner with Stan Lee, Adult Muppet Babies, Little Marvel Babies, more musings on Connecticon, The horrors of a Grateful Dead cover band, Anime con people are also terrifying, Joel auditions for Dragon Ball Zed, Japanese cartoons too saucy for America, Autobots favor desert combat, The Blue Seduction of Rob,  When the Gospel Con collided with the Anime Con, Noah’s Hyper Space Ark 9000.

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Episode 88 – Wizardo And The Hot Dog Guy

This one’s a rambler. PLEASE TO ENJOY!

Dave’s horrible movie idea, Hot Dog Aid, Joel forgets Jennifer Tilly exists, plenty of Wizard talk, Hot dog rock, “The GPS Of Fate” movie pitch, Kevin Kostner solves the crisis, poaching dinosaurs, bifurcated Spawn, downtown Phoenix is a dead zone, Rob gets Phoenix poisoning, the heartiness of the Irish, Liam Neeson as Lee Skeetumz, the magic of t-shirts, children’s alcohol, Van Halen, Total Remake, Nic Cage has range, Battlefield Earth is historical fan-fiction, Scientology’s religious pyramid scheme, The Tom Cruise conundrum, Mexico has it’s own Jesus, and Neil DeGrasse Tyson is a hero.

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Episode 85 – 100% Pure Jesus

On this episode I am joined by Rob Denbleyker and Dave McElfatrick of Cyanide and Happiness. We spend a great deal of time talking about Fat Albert and the Cosby Kids. We also get into racist Transformers, Serpentor’s interior design preferences, how Ireland is a different place than America, Rowan Atkinson, Texas potatoes, Billy Elliot, a deconstruction of the initial appeal of Limp Bizkit, Velociraptor linguistics, Scatman Popeye, Satanic country and western music, and racial inequality in The Jetsons.

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