Episode 19 – The Longest Podcast EVAR!

Cast: Joel, Eli, Denise & Allison

Rating: Explicit, NSFW, Not for kids

Topics and Links

Episode 17 -The Fancy Bastards’ Birthday Ball

Cast: Joel, Eli, Josh & Denise

Bonus Cast: Justin (FarrisG), Allison, Cynthia, Roger, and Emily

Rating: Explicit, NSFW, Not for kids. Jokes about Racism and other sensitive topics. Not for the easily offended.
Topics and Links

(Josh accidentally didn’t save the video, so it isn’t archived on Ustream.)

We Answer your Questions in the “Male Sack”

Episode 2 – Country Fried Love 2: Porkchop Boogaloo

Cast: Joel, Eli, Josh, Allison & Denise

Topics: 80’s Movies, Transformers, Brave Toasters
Rating: Explicit, NSFW, Not for kids

Hijinks Ensue PodcastShow Notes:

[00:59] Eli wants to harass people at Horror Con
[02:50] The Country Fried Live
[03:50] Josh gets naked for bread
[04:49] Waitress takes our orders (skip this)
[06:00] Mutants of the Deep
[06:55] Childhood trauma and “The Meaning of Life”
[07:39] The MonChiChis
[08:54] The monkey from “Project X
[10:26] “Flight of the Navigator” in HD
[12:58] “Space Camp
[14:00] “The Last StarFighter“/Clone High/
Dementia Waitress/ Delta Burke/ Video Game Crimes
[20:40] Josh has hand problems/ BACON!
[23:26] An Exercise in Narcissism
[25:00] Forbidden Robot Love/ Dinobots
[30:30] Transformers Gang Bang
[31:04] The New $20 Bill
[31:35] “The Brave Little Toaster
[34:14] “The Last Unicorn
[35:17] Back to the Brave Toaster!
[38:00] America: The Land of Electric Blankets and Freedom
[39:50] Dishwasher Cosplay